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The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey is a great Space Opera to get into for people that like expansive space battles and settings while maintaining most of the hard SF facts of space and physics in an interesting way.

The story itself centers around the small crew of the Rocinante and the battle that they face against corrupt organizations and governments as they try to head off an extraterrestrial threat to the future of mankind.

One of the strongest points of this story is the characters. They are complex and all have issues and pasts that develop and come out more and more as the story continues. The battles are interesting because they are easy to picture thanks to the way that the authors depicts the linear realities of space battles without getting into all of the math, like David Weber does.

If I had to say one bad point about the books it is that they are heavy. As in that the books are long and holding them up for the hours it takes to power through them is a serious arm workout. But they read faster than you would expect for a book their size and they are worth it if you have a few days to invest in a read.

So, check them out and give them a shot. If you like what you see, as always, leave a review. Us Authors love the feedback and even more we like knowing what our readers like and what they think could be better or different.

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