Books and Series which I have found interesting.

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All time favorites:

Bible: Yep. This book has everything from war to romance. Human drama and erotica. There are even manuals and self-help pieces. A little of something for everyone.

Live Free or Die Hard By John Ringo. A fun, fast paced, Sci-Fi book that follows mankind into the stars.

The Safehold Series By David Weber. Weber does an awesome job of mixing a pre-space civilization with a Space era twist.

Monster Hunter International By Larry Correia. It’s a great mix of guns and monsters. The title says it all. Oh and the first book is free on IBooks.

Destroyer Men By Taylor Anderson. Alternate universe? No problem for these WWII era men that get sent to a prehistoric alternate reality. They got this.

The Plague War Series By David VanDyke. Fun and fast looking at what happens when people can suddenly live forever.

March Upcountry by David Weber and John Ringo. Coming of age on a hostile planet that wants to eat you. All in a days work for this MacClintock.

The Expanse Series by James S.A. Corey. Space opera done right.

Fuzzy Nation By John Scalzi. Fuzzy creatures and fast pace.

I am also a fan some of Timothy Zahn’s works. I’m always on the hunt for another good read. I’ll update this as I find new things that catch my eye.

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