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It has been a long time since I have been on here and I really am not good at keeping up on these updates, but seeing as how I need to with my book about to be released in August, I really need to. So, I’ll try harder to stay on top of this even if my post are short.

All of that brings me here. My book, Swell, which is the first book in the Account of the Change series, will probably be released here in the next month. All I am waiting for is the finalized cover and then I can release. Technically, I could release it now but books without covers look bad even if the content is good, because lets face it, we do judge books by their cover.

So, since I don’t have that for you, I’ll do a little book review.

Lately, I have been reading the Freehold series by Michael Z Williamson. I like it a lot for the way that the characters interact and the world building that he does. On that note, it is definitely not a book for kids. The first book, Freehold, has a lot of sex and moral dilemmas. While the scenes are not too gratuitous, they are rather bountiful and involve situations that will probably disturb or make uncomfortable many people since he doesn’t pull his punches.

After the first book, the stories cut back on it quite a bit but it is still a part of the culture of the world that he has created so it still exists in the background context of the stories and people in the books. But, I like the idea and the questions about morality and society that the books make you ask, so I enjoyed them and I think many others would also.

So, if you would like to check some of his books out, take a look.

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