Swell by J.G. Johnson

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Howdy, everyone. So, big news. Swell was published yesterday. Here is a quick excerpt from the description.

Book 1 of: Account of the Change.

Jake Jameson was living his dream, moving to Japan to work in Northern Kyoto. Little did he know that the world that he thought he knew was about to be rendered moot. When the Swell comes, none are safe as Myths and Legends, new and old, are back to stay.

When what you know meets what is and cheeky Tanuki come out to play, you better be ready to face the music and embrace reality. Because, if you can’t learn to face reality, there are plenty of things that consider you a tasty treat. Get ready to ride the Swell.

I published it over with Draft 2 Digital. So far, I am really liking the service over there and how easy they make the process of publishing a book. I haven’t gotten out the paperback version yet, that will be through Amazon, but I should have that out in print here in a month or so. So, if you’d like to check it out, give one of the Swell links a click and get it or a sample from your preferred vendor. Sorry, no free copies right now.

P.S. The next book in the series should be released here in the next few weeks also. So keep an eye out for Swell: A New Beginning. I’ll provide a link to that once I have it. If you would like to know when my future releases are coming out Subscribe here.

So, go here for Swell.

Or if you are looking for a good publisher, go check out Draft 2 Digital.


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