The Destroyermen Series By Taylor Anderson

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First off, let me just say that I read all of these books. I had seen the series for several years but I had never picked it up until about two years ago. When I did, I didn’t put it down until I had read all of the books that were out at that time.

Taylor Anderson did a great job with this alternative universe series. The Destroyermen series is set in the 1940s at the very beginning of WWII. The first book is Into the Storm. In this story, you ride with the main characters into an alternative version of the world where humans are not the dominate species. The Destroyermen do their best to adjust to this new world that is more Jurassic as they contend with a reptilian enemy, a Japanese Battle cruiser led by a madman, and to bootstrap their new allies, a race of lemur like people, to contend with mounting threats

What I liked about this series was the interesting world and the easy to understand and like, but still complex, characters. The stories are fun and fast paced for the most part and watching how the characters develop and change as they adapt to their new world and it adapts to them and their enemies is very interesting.

If I had one complaint about the Destroyermen Series, it would be the time between releases. Taylor Anderson tends to only release one book a year in this series. Sometimes you are lucky and it is more like two for each year and a half but the wait can be a bit trying at times. On the other hand, it is nothing compared to waiting for the next Game of Thrones Book.

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