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A little different today. I’m not going to review the books so much as the author this time. Larry Correia is not a new author but he is one that has been gaining notoriety as of late. The first big hits that he released were in the Monster Hunters International.

There is a lot to like in Correia’s writing. He has created some amazing worlds in both the Monster Hunters International world and in his Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series. These two worlds and even the writing styles and characters are vastly different but there is a draw to his writing in both worlds that connects you with the characters, good guy’s and bad, that brings the worlds to life.

Another thing that I like about his stories is that the bad guy’s are so good. They are undoubtedly bad but they do it so good that you find yourself wanting to understand them and their motives. It isn’t that you think that it is a world of gray, because his worlds are pretty clear on right and wrong, but the characters connect with and change the world around them in unique ways that clearly shows how ones actions can have profound effects on the world, not just now, but far into the future.

If you have some time to put into a good read, then I would strongly suggest giving Larry Correia’s works a look.

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Monster Hunters International

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior

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