Danial Potter Off Leash

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I picked this book up a while back and really enjoyed it. It was fresh and interesting. There was a lot going for this book. From the original world filled with interesting characters, the different take on magic, and the fact that the perspective of the main character is that of a cougar all added to making this a fun read.

The main character is in a bit of a bind in this book. Simply put, he is a cougar, but not by his choice. Worse for him, in this world, the magically inclined animals are used as familiars for the wizards. He isn’t so hip on that idea and thanks to some luck, good and bad, and his peculiar situation, he might just have a say in the matter.

Mostly, this was a fun read that was something different in the sea of magical books. Looking at life through the perspective of a man turned animal was interesting and Potter seemed to catch the feeling of what the character was going through and how it changed him. Oh, and to make things even more interesting, there is a squirrel. What book with a talking squirrel can be bad?

So, if you are looking for something interesting and fresh, take a look at this book and the others in the series. Oh, and leave a review if you like it. We authors always appreciate hearing what you have to say about our works.

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