Pierce Brown and the Red Rising Series

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This is a good series if you like something in the dystopia genre. Pierce Brown wove a great story of responsibility and coming of age in a twisted future where birth decides everything. The series read like what Hunger games should have been.

The series mainly follows the exploits of the main character, a Red, Darrow, who through circumstances is thrust into the world of the Golds, where he is forced to live a lie and comes to realize that good and bad, right and wrong, are not as easy to define as he once thought.

Over the course of the series, you get to experience the changes which Darrow is forced to go through as he works to change the world that he knows into something better while learning that ideals rarely hold up under reality.

The series has almost an equal mix of introspection and action that keeps the stories moving while also keeping it from descending into an action fest with little depth. The character that come and go within the stories each have their own ideas about how the world should be and what is the best way to reach their ideals. This makes for a lot of gray and compromise in the effort to make a world that isn’t as bad as the one that they are stuck within.

Like many stories, there is almost an equal mix of good people and bad, but in these stories there is also a strong following of gray characters which don’t fit neatly into either camp and you are always curious as to which way they will go. If you like a action series, with everything from swords to space battles, this is a great series to pick up.

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