Swell: A Different Path

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Well, here it is. Book three of the Account of the change series is live as of 8/16/2019. This book is following Mick as he experiences the Swell and helps explain a few things. It is a bit of a different read from the first two books but like those books, there is a little something for everyone in it. Also, this book has a touch of romance. I hope you enjoy.

Here is the brief description of Swell: A Different Path:

When Mick Renalds packed his bags and left for Japan, he thought he was rid of his old life, but some people are destined to walk a Different Path. As much as Mick would like to live the quiet life, Destiny has something else in mind and Mick is just the man for the Job. As the world turns upside down, the real monsters are out to play, and only Mick can stand in their way.

This is book three. If you would like to check out books one and two, follow the links bellow.


Swell: A New Beginning

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