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So, it has been a while since my last post. The reasons for that are manifold, but the main one was that I was on vacation and visiting with my family. It was a nice visit and I got to spend some good times with them and their cows. Yes, cows. My family back in the states raises highland cows with a few Galloways.

Yes, there is a horse there also and two dogs but I forgot to take pictures of them. It was a nice and relaxing change of pace from the hustle and the bustle of living in Japan. There were also some fantastic sun sets and rises that I was able to enjoy.

While I was there, I also went to Portland and visited the zoo up there. If you ever get a chance, it is a nice zoo and there is also a Japanese garden and a rose garden in the same area.

Now for the main topic.

It is odd as a writer or a blogger when you talk about taking a vacation or even a day off because it seems like there is this stigma that artists, writers, and bloggers never need a break to recharge and relax. Everyone always touts that “to be good at these things, you need to be doing them every day!” Well, I just don’t buy that. Everyone has slumps and times when try as they might things just don’t flow right, and while some people can make a living off of their artistic work alone, most of us still have to juggle a job and family. Overwork is just as real of an issue for artists as it is for white-collar-workers and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for take the time that you need. Most full-time jobs come with two-weeks paid vacation because people know that it is needed for their mental and physical health, so why shouldn’t artist be allowed the same leeway?

So, next time someone touts that you should be working on writing, posting, or creating every day, ignore them and live. Take the time that you need and recharge when you need to. Sometimes those are the times when you get your next big idea or the energy to finish a project. But, if you gain nothing but some relaxations and enjoyment in your life, then that was time well spent.

So, enjoy life and live it.

P.S. I did get my next two books in the Account of the change series out during the break and worked on creating a picture book for my son’s birthday. I wrote the story and my wife did the art. She is a violinist but can draw pretty cute characters when she is in the mood. If you’d like to support her, you can chack out her sight, upcoming concerts, and youtube videos at

You can check out Swell: A New Beginning here.

Swell: A Different Path is available here.

Or all of my publication links here on my Bibliography page.

For those of you who prefer paperbacks, both of these books have that option available on Amazon. The paperback of the first book was delayed do to some issues with verification, but it should also be out here in the next week or two.

Enjoy and have a blessed day.

As always, if you like anything you read here or in a book, leave a comment or a review. Reviews really help authors by getting the word out about their books and by giving them feedback on how they can better meet your needs as a reader or if you like what what you read and want more.

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