John Ringo and the Troy Rising Series

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John Ringo is one of my favorite authors. He is an artist when it come to high pace and action packed books with nitty-gritty that read as real people with real people problems and strengths. Even the non-humans in his books have a clear personality that is uniquely there own and colored by their background culture.

The Troy Rising Series follows the exploits of several characters over the course of the series. It starts off with Taylor Vernon who has been down on his luck since the arrival of aliens and the the virtual subjugation of Earth and its people by one of the races which they encounter. Faced with this, he turns his imagination and luck to getting mankind out from under the boot and into the stars.

The second book shifts perspective a little and brings in another lead character, Dana Parker, who I’m not going to tell you about because that would spoil the fun of the book. The main shift between the First and second book is the perspective. The two books partially overlap their time lines which was a little confusing until you figure that out and then it fits pretty well. The other thing is that the second book is more about the preparation to fight and the actual fighting for freedom.

The third book continues smoothy along from the end of the second book and is where humankind hits the turning point in their fight for freedom and to take their place among the stars.

Overall, I really liked this series and it was the first books written by John Ringo that I read. If I had one complaint about the series is that there are only three books in it and no signs that it is going to continue. That is also my one issue with John Ringo. He has a tendency to do that with a lot of his other series also. But, that doesn’t stop this series or his other books from being good reads and worth picking up.

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