Siobhan Dunmoore Series by Eric Thomson

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This is/was a fun series. It isn’t the greatest Space Opera I have ever read, nor does it keep to all of the science facts, but it is a good action space drama with solid characters with problems to overcome and issues to deal with beyond killing their alien enemy.

The story follows the exploits of one Siobhan Dunmoore as she fights not just against the alien threat that is pressing against her star nation but also against the corruption and political intrigue within her star nation that is getting in the way of not only her career but also the persecution of the war.

The first few books follow her adventures with her crew aboard an old frigate, the last of her breed, that is just a hop away from the scrap heap. These adventures pit her against the alien forces that they are at war with, shadowy government agencies that hate meddlers and aren’t afraid of killing to be rid of them, conspiracies, within her own military to overthrow the government, and even against lost human colonies who have gone astray.

While the plots are not the deepest and the stories are a little roundabout in places, these are fairly fun and easy to read books that are worth the read if you are looking to power through a series or are just between books.

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